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Forcetech Mouthwear are proud specialists for design, protection and provision of bespoke Rhino Mouthwear to contact sports clubs and players of all levels and ages. 

The business has over 50 years of dental experience, enabling them to guarantee the best mouthwear device for all requirements and insuring that players teeth are protected from impact, forces and general wear while participating in any contact sport. Each design of mouthguard is supported with comprehensive dental injury insurance. 

Forcetech Mouthwear products are available in various designs which are suitable for all levels of sport from grassroots through to professional.

All mouthwear products are constructed from the most up-to-date 3D software and are manufactured using the latest cutting-edge dental laboratory equipment.

Boil and Bite – available in both junior and senior sizes, requiring customers to process the fit of the mouthguard personally. This involves placing the shop or website purchase into boiling water and self-mould to your mouth. Each mouthguard has undergone the required tests to gain CE marking certification, a legal and RFU requirement for all personal protective equipment.

Self-Impression – a putty based home impression kit complete with trays will be delivered via post to your home. This enables customers to take their own impressions. TheSelf Impression Kit arrives with full instructions, directives and return postage and packaging requirements. Following the return of your impressions, your bespoke custom made mouthguard will be constructed at Forcetech Mouthwear’s dental laboratory and returned to you via post.

Custom Fit – a registered dental professional will attend clubs, schools and events in your area to take customer impressions. Dental technicians will then construct your bespoke mouthguard in the laboratory and return it to you via post.

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