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6 May, 2017


Today was the first outing for the new Rhino Techzone.

Rhino had been approached late in the day to see if they could help Thomas Pink out with some tackle bags and training equipment, for their forthcoming event.

Not wanting to disappoint the plea for help was answered, and Mark from Rhino-Turf attended a site meeting with the Thomas Pink team to see how we could help and to look at the potential of rolling out the Rhino Techzone for its first outing, although at this point some key parts where still sailing across the Atlantic.

It soon came to light that there would be a large turnout of young rugby enthusiasts at the event and no real way of being able to secure an area of the public open space for some tackling and breakdown drills.

After consulting with Reg. Jonathan, William and Mark took the view that this was a great opportunity to put the several months of planning and hard work to the test and do everything in their powers to get the Rhino Techzone up and operational by 11:30am on Saturday the 20th May, which they achieved.

The rest if left to a picture say’s 1000 words!

Please enjoy the images below and we look forward to the Rhino Techzone becoming an integral part of every rugby club around the globe.

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